Nancy Val Verde

Astrologer & Tarot Reader

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A native of Knoxville, Tennessee Nancy spent many years in California exploring spirituality and metaphysics. Nancy is an avid Metaphysician and Astrologer currently researching pre-natal eclipses and past-life astrology for her new book due for release in the New Year 2015.

An avid reader and professional librarian, Nancy created this website to share her metaphysical interests and research discoveries.

Nancy is co-owner of Rhama:The Center of Healing Arts in Knoxville. As a passionate jewelry designer and artist, Nancy hand-crafts metaphysical jewelry. Check out her metaphysical services and beautiful jewelry!


Rhama Center
9237 Middlebrook Pike
Knoxville, TN 37931
(865) 357-9642


Connect With Rhama!

Connect With Rhama!